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GRADUATE COLLECTIONS '20/ ADVANCED DIPLOMA/ CÒDThe New Mythologies collection is based on the global trend of the same name - this collection is based on my heritage and cultural experiences as a Cape Coloured person. You will find " 'n bietjie van alles" in this collection.There are both fun and nostalgic elements from my own upbringing and experiences of living in Ocean View, Cape Town. I believe that many from similar communities will find some form of representation in these items.A lot of the inspiration is drawn from both my grandmothers and the influence each of them had. The trend New Mythologies is all about celebrating identity through preserving heritage and I hope that my narrative through this collection will encourage that. ... See MoreSee Less
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2ND YEAR// Our 2020 Second Years are currently exploring Tailoring Principles in Garment Construction.They are finishing the realization of their Women's Tailored Jacket featuring welt & jet pockets as well as interlinings. ... See MoreSee Less
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GRADUATE COLLECTIONS '20/ ADVANCED DIPLOMA/ ODDITYOddity is a print brand inspired by the things that surround us. The brand aims to achieve storytelling through print as well as silhouette.Oddity's aesthetic can be described as the space in between maximalist and minimalist. The collections include soft tailored and feminine detailing, as well as original print and accessories.The latest collection, Sacred Culture, was inspired by personal culture/ beliefs (catholicism) and ancestral heritage (mauritian heritage). In the collection you will find prints that are inspired by both backgrounds while also designs based on the trend Considered comfort.This collection celebrates my culture by creating it into art through clothing. ... See MoreSee Less
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GRADUATE COLLECTIONS '20/ ADVANCED DIPLOMA/ BRO'KEBro’ke is a brand founded in 2019. Broke derives from the word BRO which is commonly used amongst the generation Z. the brand was established in 2019 originally aimed to target the “other female” bro girl. This female was particularly stereotyped as a tomboy for being less-feminine.As the world becomes more self-expressive and aware, we can no longer say our clothes define our gender. The 2020 collection takes on the approach to be neutral. The collection aims to protest society’s concept of gender vs. sexuality. Boys can be feminine and not be gay, girls can be masculine and not lesbian. History has instilled in us certain representations of the genders based on semiotics, such as color, silhouettes and style. So this collection is aimed for anyone who relates to it no matter the gender.The season for inspiration I’ve chosen was ss21 Gamescape. This trend is inspired by retro- futuristic inspiration of fashion. The trend focuses on hyper realistic prints inspired by an arcades gamer’s aesthetic being inspired by a virtual reality. The trend explores game themes of the 80’s looking into a retro theme and digital skins. The colour ranges from hyper digital colours to a neutral clinical tone palate. This trend merges sharp cuts with sportswear elements with the use of sportswear fabrication. Bro’ is a gender neutral term. And so should our clothes be. “BRO’ IS GENDER NEUTRAL” SS21 ... See MoreSee Less
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GRADUATE COLLECTIONS '20/ ADVANCED DIPLOMA/ SAINT SHAUN HENRYSAINT SHAUN HENRY is a brand for queer kids by a queer kid.The brand philosophy can be summed up as “celebrating queer lives”.Choosing comfort and convenience, without having to compromise on style.Saint Shaun Henry stands for equality, self-expressing, individualism and LGBTQI rights.The brand aesthetic is bold, loud and commands to make a statement.Young queer people of all ages are the target market. A high fashion male inspired streetwear brand that celebrates the queer youth culture.Saint Shaun Henry strives to be a part of the lifestyle of our customers; from social media tospecial events right down to their everyday personal wardrobe choices.“SAINT SHAUN HENRY is for the individuals who never fitted in anywhere, it’s for the kidswho were told that they ‘oh, you’ll never amount to anything’. Those kids who thought thatthere isn’t a brand that caters and stands for them, now will have something that will allowthem to live out their dreams and fantasies” – Tristan Shaun Henry. ... See MoreSee Less
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