Saint Shaun Henry is a high fashion streetwear brand.

The brand philosophy can be summed up as “celebrating queer lives”.

Choosing comfort and convenience, without having to compromise on style.

Saint Shaun Henry stands for equality, self-expressing, individualism and LGBTQI rights.

The brand aesthetic is bold, loud and commands to make a statement.

Young queer people of all ages are the target market. A high fashion male inspired streetwear brand that celebrates the queer youth culture.

Saint Shaun Henry strives to be a part of the lifestyle of our customers; from social media to special events right down to their everyday personal wardrobe choices.

“SAINT SHAUN HENRY is for the individuals who never fitted in anywhere, it’s for the kids who were told that they ‘oh, you’ll never amount to anything’. Those kids who thought that there isn’t a brand that caters and stands for them, now will have something that will allow them to live out their dreams and fantasies” – Tristan Shaun Henry

Follow Tristan’s progress in the run up to the Graduate Installations by following his brand on Instagram @saintshaunhenry

The Graduate Installations

Unit 16 Waverley Business Park | Wyecroft Rd | Mowbray

Saturday | 23 November 2019 | 09h00 – 13h00 | Free Entry