Jessica van Schalkwyk is the Creative Director of the luxury streetwear brand JVS.

This collection is inspired by future/present trends as well as childhood memories. The collection combines both of these elements.

For this collection I draw a lot of my inspiration from my favourite childhood toy – Barbie. As a child it brought me such excitement to dress and style my Barbies so much I wanted to reminisce on that exact emotion and memory for JVS’s first collection- by having my designs on ‘real barbies’. I play with a lot of bright colours (sticking to the Barbie colour palette) and graphics – sticking to my design aesthetic to give it more of a street feel. Each look within this range gives off a different side of myself and how a Barbie doll is perceived in the world of JVS.

Follow Jessica’s progress in the run up to the fashion show by following her brand on Instagram @jvs_jessicavanschalkwyk