Fashion Revolution 2018

Each year on April 24, the fashion industry remembers the Rana Plaza collapse by shedding light on the need for ethical and sustainable practices in the industry. This year, we held our second annual clothing exchange as part of a full day of events. 

The fast fashion cycle means that consumers wear and dispose of their fashion items faster and faster, clogging landfills around the world. At our clothing exchange, students and members of the public brought in pieces of clothing they no longer wear and trade among the other garments available. The number of pieces you bring is the number of ‘new’ pieces you get to take home!

The Fashion Revolution Day continued with screenings of The True Cost and River Blue, documentaries that revolve around social and environmental factors in the fashion cycle, including working environments and dyeing processes. Our students also wore their clothes inside out, the purpose of which is to raise awareness for our labels, asking ‘Who Made My Clothes’.

The day ended with second year student Hannah Wilson presenting on behalf of CTCFD at the 2018 Fashion Revolution seminar at Cape Town University of Technology. Hannah presented her denim reconstruction assessment from her first year, where she was inspired by the melting polar ice caps to create her upcycled denim piece. See it on our social media!

We filmed a little video of the fun we had at our Clothing Exchange! Watch it below: