CTCFD’s Part-Time Fashion Related Short Courses

CTCFD – Cape Town College of Fashion Design offers a variety of part time short courses that take place in the evenings and Saturday mornings, catering for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the fashion industry without having to give up a full time career.

CTCFD’s specially structured modules will enhances the student’s knowledge in the fashion industry as well as giving a sampling of what the full time course has to offer. CTCFD’s highly skilled facilitators and small classes will guide the student through each of the courses, bringing out their full potential in the different facets that make up the fashion industry.

These short courses are aimed at aspiring fashionistas looking to expand their knowledge in their fashion based career, wanting to explore a new direction, or wanting to acquire fashion design and garment technology skills.



This workshop is run once a year, in the June/July school holidays. The course is aimed specifically to high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in fashion. This week-long workshop allows the student insight into ‘the life of a fashion student’. This practical, fun-filled course touches on all aspects of the fashion industry, exposing the student to elements of pattern design, garment construction, fashion design, digital fashion application, trend forecasting, and fashion buying and merchandising. Students are set an exciting fashion related task with the week ending with a fashion show open to parents to see the work the students have produced in the week.



CTCFD’s Garment Technology Foundation course introduces students to pattern design and garment construction through practical application. This four month short course focuses on the female bodice, skirt and trousers looking at the full process from pattern drafting, manipulation and grading through to cutting and the eventual completion of garments. The understanding of flat pattern adaptation aids a fashion designer in creating a garment with innovative cuts and construction. By the end of the course, not only will students have an understanding of basic pattern manipulation and garment construction, they will also be armed with the knowledge of drafting well-fitting blocks that form the base of every garment.

Once the student is competent in the foundation principles of garment technology, they are now free to explore the different specialized principle courses that CTCFD has to offer. These two courses explore eveningwear and tailoring principles.

In the tailoring short course, students will apply advanced pattern design techniques, and given the pattern to construct a fully lined tailored jacket in fabric of their choice using advanced garment construction applications. Students will also be given tutorials on welt pockets, jet pockets, vents, two-piece sleeves and different types of fusing.

In the eveningwear short course, students will achieve advanced style corset blocks, bias cut dress patterns and petticoat designs for bridal and eveningwear. Students will then be given patterns to create a dress in eveningwear fabrics of their choice. Included in the course is a beading master class, where students will be shown different beading applications.



CTCFD’s foundation fashion design short course aims to teach the student the fundamental principles of fashion illustration, as well as the different elements involved in creating a realistic achievable design. Students will gain an understanding not only of illustration techniques, but also components that are essential in the fashion design sector. It is essential for a fashion designer to convey their designs accurately both to clients and garment technologists alike. This course arms the students with these important techniques.



As the fashion sector relies more and more on digital application, it is important for a fashion designer to have knowledge of the programs being used in the industry. CTCFD’s three digital fashion application short courses teach the student how to navigate the programs focussing on their application to fashion design. CTCFD offers three different digital fashion application short courses, namely CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

In the CorelDraw short course, students will gain an understanding of vector based drawing techniques through the practical application of the CorelDraw program. Students will be taught basic techniques, tools and commands in the CorelDraw program, allowing them to create basic front and back views of fashion technical drawings used in the fashion industry. Alongside this, students will use these technical drawings to lay out basic technical drawing story boards.

CTCFD’s short course in Photoshop teaches the student the essentials for digital fashion presentations using the Photoshop program. Students will be taught the techniques, tools and commands needed to enable them to create digital fashion boards.

In the Adobe Illustrator short course, students will gain an understanding of vector based drawing techniques through the practical application of the Illustrator program. Students will be taught the techniques, tools and commands to enable them to create intricate technical drawings as well as digitally render fashion boards.


Oftentimes when pursuing a career in the fashion industry, the student is looking to explore a career in fashion buying. This introductory course offers an overview into the buying process in the fashion industry. The course covers elements such as the role of the fashion buyer, the customer profile, and range planning.



CTCFD’s short course focusing on styling principles is suitable for complete beginners or those looking to hone their styling skills to improve their own fashion shoots. Students will gain an understanding of styling in all aspects of the industry enabling them to develop important knowledge of what it means to be a fashion stylist, commercial stylist or personal stylist.

For a full brochure with more information regarding course lengths and pricing, please contact Cara Jade Bezuidenhout on (021) 762 6710 or cara@ctcfd.co.za.