CTCFD’s Annual Showcase 2012

Ask any student at CTCFD what the end of November means to them, and they’ll all give you the same answer. And it’s certainly not the idea of a leisurely summer holiday at the beach. When Gregg, Liz, or anyone else brings it up in conversation it leaves a wake of panic, excitement, and the occasional outburst of “I just can’t decide on a song!”

Of course, the end of November means the CTCFD Annual Showcase, the fashion show our students work toward all year. On the 27th November 2012 at the Cape Town City Hall, after months of planning and preparation our first, second and our graduating third and fourth year students showed off their work.

Every year, in a fun tradition, the first years take to the runway in the leisurewear outfits they’ve designed and made. This year’s theme “‘60s Mod” saw the class strutting to the Austin Powers’ Theme Song. In addition to their leisurewear, the first years designed and made a conceptual piece inspired by Christmas.

Each student in the second year class showed four garments. The trend for their denim wear look was “oversized”, with the students interpreting the trend into denim overalls, shirts and pants two sizes too big and belted to fit. Lingerie, which is generally lacy, pretty and romantic, was given a twist this year. Colour was the trend of the season, and students took on the challenge of producing fun, colourful, and modern lingerie. Along with the denim wear, and lingerie, the second years also produced a tee, or vest with a digital print. Their final look for the show was an avant garde piece, inspired by either the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” or “Mirror Mirror”.

Each year the third years put together a collection which follows a broad direction, allowing for individual interpretation. This year, the third years were presented with the concept “Decades” and were asked to put together a collection of 5 looks inspired by a decade in contemporary fashion history. Alongside putting together their collections, the third years also had to produce an eveningwear or bridal piece which had to display an understanding of corsetry.

The 2012 fourth year class saw three students electing to put together a collection. It was up to them to come up with a concept, and decide on the number of looks in the collection while still remaining true to their design identity.

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photos by: Gary Stemmett/SDR Photo