Creative Manifesto | 3rd Year Collections

“In a world where people are clamouring for truth and transparency, the urge to be different, to be heard, and to make an impact will intensify – both above and underground. Creativity and self-expression will become increasingly essential skills, and should be encouraged in business and design as a weapon for change.”
WGSN, 2018

Each year we present out third years with a direction to inspire their graduate collections – we ask them to look at their environments, to be inspired by their spaces and to think about ways to inspire others. This year, we looked at how responsive the world has become to movements such as feminism, political awareness and social justice. We’ve asked our students to explore what they hold important – and to create their own creative manifestos!

Below, we show a small piece of the presentation we showed to the 2018 third years to inspire their personal concepts:

We can’t wait to see their photostories and their collections at the end of the year runway show! Stay tuned to social media for updates on the students’ progress.