All staff, students and visitors are required to be in full compliance with the Occupational Health and safety Act as well as the Hazardous Biological Agents Regulation. Please read through the following document carefully, as it discusses all protocol regarding COVID-19 and our return to campus.



CTCFD has developed a COVID-19 Management and Task Team. Miss Collins has undergone COVID-19 Compliance Training through the Medical Education Center and has been allocated as the COVID-19 Officer.



CTCFD staffs have undergone extensive COVID-19 training to ensure that all methods of prevention for COVID-19 are in place.

  • All staff and students are required to be fully familiar with the safe work procedures around COVID-19.
  • All Staffs and students will understand their personal responsibility around the exact procedures of the handling of COVID-19.
  • Our team and first aiders have a clear understanding of how to deal with injuries in the workplace and how to avoid contamination.
  • Our COVID-19 Task Team and SRC will strictly monitor and control any violations of COVID-19 protocol. Any student in violation of COVID-19 protocol will undergo a disciplinary action as stated in our Disciplinary Policy.
  • Social distancing is now a requirement and all staffs/students may not come into another person’s space within 1,5m.
  • During any type of evacuation, all staffs and students are to move quickly, not run and not touch other persons and maintain social distancing.
  • Face touching is not allowed, unless hands have been washed with soap for 30-40 seconds.
  • Our cleaning staffs have undergone extensive training on how to clean the campus accordingly for COVID-19 prevention. All studios and shared spaces will undergo a deep clean at the end of each day. The sanitization of ones personal space, shared equipment and door handles will be done 2 hourly.
  • CTCFD staff will partake in a COVID-19 meeting every 2 weeks as to constantly monitor the situation as to ensure prevention.
  • An Investigator has been assigned (Miss Minaar). It is the responsibility of the Investigator to carry out normal functions of an investigator as described in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Hazardous Biological Agents Regulation.
  • Should a possible case occur, an Investigative procedure would commence as to track those who were in contact with the potential case as to reduce the risk of spread.



If you carry symptoms as outlined by World Health Organization (dry cough, headache, short breath, fever) you are required to report it immediately to a member of the COVID-19 Task Team. If you are at home and exhibit symptoms, you are required to communicate this to the COVID-19 Officer telephonically, who will advise you accordingly.



  • All Staff, students and visitors are required to utilize PPE.
  • You will be denied entry should you not have PPE in place.
  • Fabric masks are compulsory
  • PPE such as visors and COVID-19 coats are optional
  • PPE is to be utilized throughout the allocated campus times. Should anyone be observed breaking such rule, they will undergo disciplinary action.



  • It is recommended for all students to bring their own sanitizer to campus.
  • Students are required to sanitize upon entry to campus at any given time.
  • Students are required to sanitize before and after using shared equipment such as lockers, irons, computers and industrial machines etc.
  • The college has provided sanitizer for each studio.



  • Please do not come to college if you are exhibiting any of the official COVID-19 symptoms
  • Students are required to arrive at college at the allocated times for each year of study.
  • Ensure that you are social distancing at the allocated markings located outside the entrance.
  • Ensure that the correct PPE is in evidence as you will be denied entry should you not be utilizing PPE (Fabric mask, visor etc.)
  • At point of entry, students are required to declare any possible symptoms
  • Temperatures will be taken before entry. Should you exhibit a fever, you will be denied entry.
  • If you have utilized public transport, you will be required to remove any outer garment such as a coat or jacket, which will be stored until you leave campus.
  • Once you have undergone the full COVID-19 Entry Protocol, you will be required to head straight to your allocated studio.



  • Students will be allocated to their own workspace.
  • Students are not allowed to share workspaces.
  • Students may not share personal equipment.
  • Students are required to clean their workspace using the surface cleaner and cloths provided at the following times: at the start of the day, when the announcement is heard and at the end of each day.
  • You may only leave the studio to go to the toilet facility or digital lab.
  • You may not eat or drink within the studio, and are only allowed a water bottle or flask.
  • You are required to sanitize your hands before and after using shared equipment such as lockers, irons, mannequins, samples and patterns.



  • Only one student is allowed to enter the toilet facility at any given time
  • The key is to be collected from reception and returned after use to undergo sanitization.



The following is the procedure for a suspected COVID-19 case:

  • Any suspected COVID-19 cases will be escorted to our isolation facility, which is located at the point of entry in Mrs Wallis’ office. This facility is away from other staff members and students, and is secure.
  • Our appointed COVID-19 Investigator will begin the investigation process using a series of documents.
  • Incident Investigation COVID-19 Events Report has been developed, and will be utilized as a checklist should any potential cases arise.
  • The above-mentioned checklist will be accompanied by a second report, which looks at a brief overview of the situation, detailed description of the actual event or exposure, the direct causes of the event, basic root causes of the event, what preventative measures were put in place to reduce risk, investigators name and signature.
  • Any person that may assist in establishing facts around the event will then complete an Investigation Statement. All 3 of the above-mentioned Investigation/Tracer forms can be found in the appendix from pages 7-9.
  • Whilst the following reports are being completed, the student’s parents will be notified telephonically and via email.
  • Arrangements to go home will need to be made.
  • Information will be provided regarding the COVID-19 hotline and how to undergo the testing process. Staff and students will also be encouraged to seek medical attention. A pamphlet will be issued.
  • A deep clean of the Investigation Room and the facility will be initiated.



  • If any any student is confirmed to have been exposed to a positive case, they are requested to stay at home and self-quarantine for the duration of 14 days. No student is allowed onto the campus if they are aware of possible exposure to a confirmed case. Staff and/or students will inform a member of the COVID-19 Management Team should they be staying at home for self-isolation.


  • Should a staff member or student test positive for COVID-19, a screening process will commence for all staff/students who may have shared the same space. The COVID-19 Investigator will commence investigation with the staff member/student who tested positive, as to identify their whereabouts within the campus. All staff/students who may have been exposed will be contacted and advised to self quarantine and seek medical attention. Should any staff member develop systems of COVID-19, they will be forwarded all contact numbers relevant to the arrangement of testing. The COVID-19 Management Team and Task Team will keep in touch with all staff remembers regarding their well being, and facilitate their return to campus once recovered and/or tested negative.


  • Should a student test positive for COVID-19, the campus will undergo a deep clean. Once the deep clean has taken place, and been recorded in the cleaning log, the college will seek approval of safety to reopen accordingly.