“We do not need to be modest in order to be respected”

COLLIN’S is a feminist fashion brand that strives to empower the modern woman through elevated sportswear. We see a fresh movement in fashion that is bold and powerful, speaking a language that embraces our newfound identity.

The current AW19 “RIOT” collection has been inspired by Katherine’s creative manifesto. Growing up Katherine was raised to be equal to men. She played a great deal of sport, including male stereotyped sports such as soccer and cricket. Sport allowed her to embrace her strength, reminding her that she is capable of anything. She strives to create clothing that allows women to embrace their strength and express their powerful identities.

The collection has been informed by the Future Sport AW19 trend direction. We see the combination of sportswear with that of tailoring principles, creating a new model of luxe sportswear. The colour palette is bold and powerful, a fitting representation of the modern woman. Striking cobalt blue sets the mood for the collection, with sharp sports inspired paneling. Silhouettes are classic yet elevated, creating juxtaposition between our comfort zone and that of the new and daring.  This collection aims to send a message that, we are female, and we are strong.

Follow Katherine’s progress in the run up to the fashion show by following her brand on Instagram @collins_za_