Chelsea Eloise is a Cape Town based brand, founded by Chelsea Eloise Bayman.

From a very young age, Chelsea grew up in the workshop of a seamstress neighbour, learning the ins and outs of fabric cutting, pattern making and garment construction. She later went on the finish her schooling with a visual arts NSC, which firmly laid the foundations for her love and understanding of different artistic disciplines. First and foremost, she considers herself and artist, but her love of textile has never faded and has become the medium in which she expresses herself. this emerging designer takes inspiration from abstract art, street style and quirky subject matter. In her first collection we will see this designers’ maximalist design aesthetic coming through with print-on-print, in classic feminine silhouettes that carry street style appeal. The prints are inspired by the designers own abstract artworks.

Follow Chelsea’s progress in the run up to the fashion show by following her brand on Instagram @chelsea_eloise