All Saved is a brand founded by Saandime Shisholeka.

It is a men’s and women’s brand inspired by the menswear tailoring aesthetic and dapper appeal. Being how the people I look up to dress, my papa,, MOG and WOG.

All Saved is heavily inspired by my spirituality, my relationship with God and the good news that I preach as a WOG.

The crisp silhouettes are directly inspired by my papa’s dress code, a reflection from the days he made his own suits as a young chivalrous gentleman, to the suits he can afford to purchase for himself today. The clean colour palette, solid inward construction and neat outlook are a direct link to how one’s life and relationship with God ought to be, as a way of giving back to him who is deserving of our everything.

With this first collection “My Galilee” the aim of the brand is not only to captivate the audience with a clear vision on God’s love but also to give insight on the basic foundation of the life of a true believer. The brand as a whole demonstrates that you can successfully minister through what you wear humbly and glorify the Lord.

Follow Saandi’s progress in the run up to the fashion show by following her brand on Instagram @all_saved_